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Our Principles

Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital Constributes to Community Medical Service Based on the Following Principles.

Our Principles

  1. We respect the rights of patients.
  2. We endeavor to provide higher quality medical services.
  3. We advance medical care in cooperation with medical facilities in the community.

Our Duties

  1. We provide clinical services mainly for patients referred by general practitioners.
  2. We provide emergency medical services for emergency patients including the most acute patients.
     Emergency outpatient medical services are provided on a 24-hour basis.
     Inpatient medical services are mainly provided during the acute period.
  3. We also provide advanced cancer care and palliative care as the Ibaraki Community Cancer Center.
  4. We provide advanced medical care in each specialized clinical field.
    For cardiological clinical care, we provide comprehensive medical care in cooperation with the clinics concerned.
  5. We continue to support patients who need homecare after leaving our hospital.
  6. We promote Informed Consent.
  7. We disclose Clinical results to improve our medical care.
  8. We provide training for persons concerned with medical care and medical staff in and out of the hospital.

Patients' Rights

  1. Patients have the right to epually receive the necessary medical care.
  2. Patients have the right to request an explanation of the details of their medical treatment.
    ・Patients have the right to receive an explanation in plain words.
    ・Patients have the right to receive disclosure of their medical records on request.
  3. Patients have the right to receive an explanation of medical treatment methods and to request the treatment method they wish to receive.
  4. Patients'Personal information such as medical treatment is protected.
  5. Patients have the right to request and receive an itemized explanation of their medical bill.
  6. Patients have the right to express opinions about our services.

Policy on informed consent

The Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital respects each patient as a human being and works to maintain trust in the doctor-patient relationship.In concrete terms, we are making efforts to realize the following goals.

  1. You can receive the necessary medical treatment regardless of social status, nationality, race, religion, age, sex, or nature of the disease.
    Anyone can equally receive medical care irrespective of their personal background or the nature of their disease.However,in the event that we do not have the necessary clinical service or an empty bed,we will introduce you to other hospitals.When medical treatment for the acute period is completed,we will consult you about leaving the hospital or moving to another hospital.
  2. You can receive an explanation of the details of your medical treatment and its risks or side effects in understandable words,select the appropriate medical treatment,and receive it with your consent.
    You can receive an explanation in plain words from your doctor.When you agree,you need to grant consent for your future medical treatment.Refusal to do so will cause no disadvantage in your future medical services. You can also alter the consent.When you are in a state of unconsciousness or are a minor,we may need to give medical treatment without sufficient explanation in cases such as when we cannot contact your family.
  3. You can ask for the medical treatment you wish.
    If you have any request about your medical care,treatments,test,nursing,meals,or anything else,please do not hesitate to iet us know.We will try to comply with your wishes as far as we can as a hospital.If you wish to move to another hospital to receive medical care or consult other doctors about medical treatment methods or anything else,you can receive the information necessary for the medical treatment methods appropriate for you (test results,X-ray photographs,etc.)on request.
  4. Your personal medical information is protected.
    It is the ethical duty of all people engaged in madical services to protect any personal information obtained during medical treatment from disclosure or leekage. Therefore,you can feel assured of your privacy.
  5. You can request disclosure of medical records, etc. for the purpose of understanding your disease or medical treatment method.
    Our hospital is happy to disclose your medical records (clinical record sheets, all types of medical test records, etc.) to you based on the medical record disclosure guidelines formulated by the Japan Medical Association. Disclosure of medical records helps a doctor provide sufficient information and explanations to a patient about his or her disease or medical treatment methods in order to build trust in the doctor-patient relationship and conquer the disease together. The procedure for medical record disclosure is in the ""medical record disclosure guide"" (available at the information desk on request).
  6. When we recommend a medical treatment method that is in the process of research, you will not receive that treatment until you have received sufficient explanation so that you understand the details of the treatment and the differences from the former treatment before you grant consent.
    When your doctor suggests a medical treatment method that is at the research stage and whose effects have not yet been fully proven, you will receive sufficient explanation of the treatment regarding how and in which aspects the new treatment method is superior to others and its potential risks. You need to consent to the treatment in order to receive it. If you wish to receive the conventional treatment, do not hesitate to inform your doctor of your wish.
  7. You can request and receive an itemized explanation of your medical bill. You can also receive information related to public support for medical expenses.
    You can ask for an itemized explanation of your medical bill at the reception desk of the department of medical affairs on the first floor. Regarding medical expenses support, please ask the nearest hospital staff for a medical social worker.
  8. You can express opinions about our services.
    If you have any concerns, problems, or complaints, please speak to the nearest hospital staff. If you wish to anonymously express your opinions as a patient's voice, please write them on a note and put it in one of the suggestion boxes on each floor. Since your opinions are a valuable resource for future hospital management, please express them without hesitation.